I added Born To Be Wild and "wild" is right.  My dog's muscle and energy improved right away.  They got shinier.  Even their stools are tighter and hove gotten smaller.  This wild meat idea is FOR REAL.  There is no comparison to my dogs on BARF versus BARF plus Born To Be Wild.  Sorry, I feed less than you suggested.  You'll still sell a lot.  I also feed less meat when I feed your product.  I'm saving all around.  I recommend this wild idea to anybody who wants to move up from BARF, get better results and spend less.  When does it go on the market?  Do you have bigger sizes? - Jack Tambuno, CA
Hi Paul & Jennifer,
I just wanted to put in writing what I told Paul the other day. My dog, Winnie, always came home happier from Diablo Kennels than anywhere else she stayed in the Bay Area. There were many closer kennels, but it was well worth the extra distance I drove to have her stay with you. I want to thank you all for the care you gave her over the last couple of years.  I just hope I can find a comparable kennel after our move. -  Thank you!  Andy Couch -  Walnut Creek, CA



    My dog got his new supp (Born To Be Wild).  I put two big scoops in a separate bowl and he ate it right up, peas & all.  Then I put two more scoops in the bowl and he went right back to it.  I think you need to make that into at least a 5 or 7 lb. container because your customers are going to go through that stuff like nobody's business.  I will take a pic of it and the joint formula this weekend.                                                                                        Are you taking this stuff to Expo West? - Mark Roberts, CA



    My dog Thunderbolt is 15 years old.  Not long ago he could not get on his feet by hinself and was wobbly.  He used to take daily walks to the park up the street but has not for a long time.  We gave Thunderbolt Young At Heart.  I saw with my own eyes that this product helped my dog more than any vet ever did.  Thunderbolt not only gets up now, but his stools are smaller.  He walks everyday like he did 10 years ago!  To call this product amazing does not begin to describe what it can do for older dogs.  We ran out of Young At Heart.  Within a few days our dog began to slide backwards.  After feeding it again, he came back strong.  Whatever is in this product, never change a thing.  If you have a dog you love and you want to improve its quality of like when vets say there's nothing you can do, just feed Young At Heart.  - Andre Tobias, CA



    To Whom It May Concern: 

For the past 18 months we have been taking our pets Gumby and Eeka to Diablo Kennels.  

Paul and Jennifer Root and their staff have taken care of “our kids” like their own. Diablo Kennels bends over backwards to accommodate us. Our “Kids” are well groomed when we come to pick them up and always are happy to stay at Diablo Kennels. 

We highly recommend Diablo Kennels if you want your “kids” well taken care of without any worries.  Thank you Diablo Kennels. - Jim & Manzel & Gumby & Eeka Custer.



    I met Paul & Jennifer quite by accident…literally. I had my 2 dogs at a kennel in Concord and there was a fire. Paul & Jennifer took mine and other dogs into their own kennel. There was a message waiting on my answering machine when I got home. 

    That was in 1993 and I have been taking them there ever since. I had a deaf Beagle named Molly and a crotchety older Beagle named Chester. I lost Molly and wanted another dog to keep Chet company. Paul and Jennifer placed a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named GiGi with me and later another Corgi named Gallie. 

    As soon as I turn off of Bailey onto Willow Pass the dogs start to get excited. They jump out of the car and even Chet runs to the door. Knowing they like going and get quality care takes any stress off of me and I know I can go away with confidence.

     I travel a good amount and Paul & Jennifer of Diablo Kennels is the only place my dogs will go. - Valinda Croxton  Concord, CA 



    To Whom It May Concern: 

We have been taking our pets to Diablo Kennels since 1995. We had Jake, Indy, and now Buddy since we lost Jake. Jake was an old Cocker Spaniel and Jennifer was the only one who could groom him and keep him happy. 

    We always feel confident our dogs will receive quality care. My wife Rene can be a worrier but doesn’t when the dogs are at Diablo. The dogs are always happy and wagging their tales when we pick them up. - John & Rene Jones  Pittsburg, CA



Dear Paul & Jennifer… 

    It is a pleasure to recount our association over the years. Carl and I were quite surprised when we realized we’ve been bringing our critters to you since 1992. Our Weenie dog Buddy, now Pepe, and the gazillion cats we’ve brought to you all over the years have all received excellent care. 

    You have always made us as well as the animals feel welcome. We value your friendship as much as a great place to keep our animals safe. 

    Thank you for everything…LaRue & Carl Boswell  Concord, CA


Dear Paul and Jennifer: 

    I am so sorry this took so long, but I put the card in my to do pile, and with getting Sierra graduated and into college, etc., I am just now getting to it.  Here is my testimonial for your expert and caring boarding and grooming of Quincy.  Feel free to change anything to make it more appealing or shorter.

    I am the owner of an extremely active and not-so-well behaved Jack Russell Terrier.  Before I found Diablo Kennels, I had other kennels drug my dog, abuse my dog, and ask me not to bring my dog back.  The first time I brought my dog to Diablo Kennels, they treated him with kindness upon arriving, and when I picked him up, he was a very happy dog.  This was a first!  The next time I brought my dog to Diablo Kennels (and every time since), he ran to the door, tried to give Paul kisses, and was very happy to be there.  In the past eight years, I have boarded my dog frequently with Diablo Kennels, for both short and long (5 weeks) periods of time.  Diablo Kennels has always been there for me and my dog, even on short notice.  My dog just loves Diablo Kennels, and I have been extremely pleased with the services they have provided, both in boarding and grooming (which is also no picnic with my dog!). 

    Diablo Kennels is more than a boarding facility, it is a place that truly cares about their guests and makes their stay a pleasant and happy experience.  As with most of us, my dog is a member of my family, and I can leave him with Paul and Jennifer and have the peace of mind that he is being well cared for while I am away.  I could not ask for any better caregivers for my dog than Paul and Jennifer and their staff!  If they can handle my dog in the loving way they do, they can handle anything!

Denise Elsken




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