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     While humans live longer than ever, some breeds seem to die younger. Whether the cause is free radical damage, or hormone imposters from synthetic chemicals, today’s dogs age prematurely fast. Luckily, scientists have begun to unlock the biological basis of aging at the molecular level. More important, researchers have developed 100% natural nutrition strategies to help halt, or perhaps even reverse, key aspects of aging.

 YOUNG AT HEART uses these “life extension” advances with the goal of returning your dog’s metabolism to that in its prime. But YOUNG AT HEART is not just about helping dogs live longer, it’s about living better. YOUNG AT HEART contains nutrients demonstrated in major medical studies to strengthen the biochemical links leading to a better quality of life for older animals.


     Youthful levels of hormones and other vital compounds decline with age. This is why joints, brain function and cellular activity decline as dogs get older. Scientists measure levels of these biomarkers to test the ability of supplements to return key aspects to youthful levels.  YOUNG AT HEART contains nutritional factors suggested in research to produce anti-aging and longevity benefits. 

You can’t change your dog’s age.  But to a degree never before possible, you can help your dog regain key aspects of youth.  YOUNG AT HEART is designed to add more years to your dog’s life, and add more life to your dog’s years.


Combat Muscle Wasting & Support Joints  YOUNG AT HEART is designed to fight muscle loss associated with aging.  Muscle loss (sarcopenia) slows metabolism, reduces immunity and vigor.  Reversing muscle loss boosts metabolism, strengthens joints and resistance.  Protecting precious muscle, typically lost in aging, is enormously important.


Restore Healthy Water Balance

YOUNG AT HEART helps hydrate older canine bodies, optimizing cellular water balance. “Volumizing” cells creates favorable metabolism for optimal health.  Dehydration is an older dog’s enemy.


Enhance Digestion & Absorbation

YOUNG AT HEART employs advanced, partially predigested calories used in elite medical and sports foods.   Partial predigestion enhances absorption, and can reduce stomach distress in older animals.   


Support Mental Function 

Phosphytidylserine and other nutrients are suggested to favorably influence age related cognitive decline (A.R.C.D.).  Providing anti-aging brain nutrients is a smart strategy for older dogs.


Support Eye & Heart Health

Antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin and other related phyto-factors have been demonstrated to support macular (eye) health.  Co Q10, ribose and others may assist heart function in older animals. 


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