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Diablo Kennels offers training in Puppy Socialization, Basic Obedience, and Herding.


Puppy Socialization:


Buying a puppy should be more than an impulse decision. If the perspective buyer begins with a qualified trainer “before” the purchase, many hours of problems can be avoided or sometimes eliminated altogether. The “Successful Beginning of a new Puppy’s Life” starts before the puppy comes home.

The course encompasses the 1st moments in the house to an obedient puppy at the age of 6 months. It eases or eliminates those bad behaviors such as house wetting, jumping, or digging…while establishing good habits and manners. The cost of this course is $250.00 for as many lessons as necessary.


Basic Obedience:

Any new puppy should be an obedient puppy. The only question is when that training should begin. Most dogs can successfully begin this training between 4 and 6 months of age. I train through “praise and correction”.

The course is a compilation of those exercises that would equate to an AKC CD title. (Companion Dog) However, there is more to obedience than just the exercises. I teach more than exercises. I teach my clients to speak “Dog” and the course is the equivalent to the 1st 3 Chapters of the book of “Dogalese”. It includes feeding, proper human/dog contact, and areas of that contact that go well beyond sitting or heeling.

I offer a complete course that will create pleasing behavior in every area. The cost is $150.00 for puppies under the age of a year or $250.00 for all dogs over a year. I will do “in house” training or take your dog here at the kennel. The cost for both is $250.00 for as many sessions as it takes and in Kennel also includes a minimum of 5 days boarding costs. You will also have to do at least 1 or 2 sessions for me to teach “you” what I’ve taught your dog.



 Jennifer Root is highly qualified to work with your dog in Herding. She has put titles on some of the best-known dogs in the German Shepherd breed. Those abilities have allowed her to take them beyond the “Tested Titles” right into Started, Intermediate, and other Trial Titles. She is experienced in AKC, ASCA, and AHBA Herding Trials.

Jennifer travels to many Trials each year in CA, OR, and sometimes even to Canada. The cost is $35 per hour plus facility fees, or we will keep your dog here at the kennel for $300 a month plus the hourly fee and expenses traveling to and from the event.



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