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Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame
Feeding Raw



Dogs using our products!

Ch. Karizma's Piano Man Von Loar

Owners: Bobbie Kindy, Susie Witmer & Carlos Arquimba



Witmer's Frosted Toffee

5 pts. 1 major

Owners:  Bobbie Kindy, Nancy Hubbell & Susie Witmer



Ch. Rohan's Reward TC HT

OFA H & E Good

Breeder: Bobbie Kindy  Owners: Melanie Elder & Kay Springer

"Strider" used Puppy Gold when he was a young puppy and is now on K9 Super Fuel and Show Coat



Int'l. & Am. Ch. Showboat's Spellcaster TC HT OFA

Breeder: Kay Springer  Owners: Melanie Elder & Kay Springer

"Jez" - Used K9 Super Fuel and Show Coat when she was being shown and now at the age of 7 is on Young at Heart



BIS Int'l  Ch. Showboat's Razzle Dazzle TC RN OFA

&   BIS Int'l & Am. CH. Showboat's Jazz Singer TC CD OFA

Breeder/Owner: Kay Springer

Both on K9 Super Fuel and Show Coat.  Jolson, now 9 1/2 is on Young at Heart.


CH. Castle’s Gandalf, TC, HIC, CGC, OFA.

Castle Kennels, Ltd.

Breeder and owner, Patricia W. Hiscock. 


Gandalf was born to be a Champion as much as he was “Born to Be Wild.”  He  is now  feeding his inner wolf with “Born to Be Wild”, the added extra that goes with him on the show circuit along with his old standbys, K9 Super Fuel and Show Stopper.


CH Castle’s Queen Victoria TC, CGC, HIC, OFA, CERF  

Castle Kennels, Ltd.,

Breeder and owner, Patricia W. Hiscock

This is Gandalf’s dam, also a Champion.  She got her first major shortly after I put her on K9 Super Fuel.  Since then, I’ve kept her alive on Super Fuel for the past 7 months.  She had severe complications following an emergency C-Section and for a while all she could swallow was the Super Fuel.  The two  puppies who survived the premature birth were bottle fed Puppy Gold.  I did send Paul a picture of one puppy with the bottle.  It was the best possible formula to help the puppies survive and grow without any help from their Mom.  The puppies are both in top condition now.



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