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Your dogs next work out is only as good as his last workout's recovery.  GoDog is a doggy "Gatorade" that allows them to recover from physical and mental stress. 

Your dog will maintain its poise, energy, and focus while others fade.  It contains ribose that acts as an O2 booster and enhancer.  GoDog buffers lactic acid in the muscles and replenishes electrolytes to aid in recovery.  Add it to their water when you travel to relieve stress.  It also aids joint recovery as it contains Glucosamine, MSN, and chondroitin sulfate. GoDog promotes fast, total recuperation for a fully refreshed dog.  Complex carbs recharge muscle and liver glycogen. 

It could be the difference between High In Trial, the Points or the reserve...

Pricing :
Description Price
425 grams $15.00  

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